Ligocky studio

Towards the end of 2019, I secluded myself from painting and looked inward at the darkest moments throughout my life. I reached into the deepest of rabbit holes and pulled out what memories I could grasp at to make sense of and piece together my fragile mental state. Painting was soon more of a task instead of second nature. Stripping what I knew from my core memories and taking a dive into an abyss I was uncertain I could crawl out from, I found light in painting with the darkness that surrounded me physical, emotionally, mentally, and socially. War, famine, cults, the occult, greed, lust, anxiety… but most importantly the human element; associates, close friends, and most importantly family. How family will twist your brain if you are not careful upon your wishes.
Truthfully, I was glad to be rid of this newfound emotion and free my mind to focus on creating. And now, here we are. Just me and you. Well, just you and my paintings. I might be around spiritually or physically. Most importantly, I am in the paint, whether you look closely or not. My emotion lingers with the work. I hope this is not too personal for you. I understand I’m not a personal person, although I have a funny story about me almost getting stuck in Mexico without a passport. Fun times. Or my paintings being held in a postal strike in Belgium and never making it back to me after a year-long touring exhibition in a foreign country that I never touched tongue to soil. I kind of like the idea of my paintings being somewhere I can’t see them. Like in your conscience where only you have seen it. Too personal, I understand. It’s okay. I know a few paintings lay in ashes as I have burned them along with my own soul and artistic freedom.

Mother wake up look! the house outside is on fire…

Charles Ligocky
1995- present American born