• The Horror Zine

    The Horror Zine

    A publication of one of my drawings from 2023 will be included in The Horror Zine Magazine Spring 2024 edit thank you to Jeani Rector
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  • Spectacular Salon

    Spectacular Salon

    Salon style Group Exhibition presented at K Space Contemporary
    November 26 2023

  • Indeterminate States 05 – Nature + Humanity, Mail Art exhibition

    Indeterminate States 05 – Nature + Humanity, Mail Art exhibition

    Indeterminate States 05 – Nature + Humanity, Mail Art exhibition
    Lasi, Romania
    Curated by Andrei Alecsandru



    In the midst of a world filled with chaos, escaping the mundane is no longer a vice but a necessity. The intensity of global events, social pressures, and dissatisfaction with reality compel our minds to find new exciting ways out.
    Escapism takes on numerous forms in our lives, ranging from serene hideaways to thrilling adventures. It's an omnipresent phenomenon that surrounds us all. The process of escapism is both physical and ethereal, as the distance traveled extends beyond the known dimensions of our lives. The destination is defined by the reality we are escaping from, as our minds and bodies seek solace in the unknown.
    This exhibition seeks to explore the myriad of directions and destinations of escapism through the eyes of talented artists. It offers an opportunity to engage with alternate realities and ponder the transformative potential of these worlds. You are encouraged to explore the dimensions of these worlds and their proximity to reality. How these islands of relief may impact our perception of reality?

    This exhibition is curated by Veronika Motulko.

  • Produce Gallery Corpus Christi, TX

    Produce Gallery Corpus Christi, TX

    "Mommy look the house is on fire!"
    solo exhibition
    Produce Gallery, Corpus Christi, Texas

  • La liberte comme embleme d'echec exposition internationale d'art contemporiane
    24 march - april 22
    Place de la Gare 1360 Perwez- Brabant Wallon, Belgium
    curated by Chloe Coomans & Fred Michiels

  • Abstracte Onschatbare Geschilderde Gedachten
    Opening Vernissage - friday february 15 - 20.00 2019
    Oude Sint-Martinuspastorij, Berckhovenstraat II, Westmalle, Belgium
    curated by Fred Michiels

  • Crazy & Foolish Ambitions- center Tamines & centre Auvelais
    vernissage samedi le 20 janvier 2018
    saturday january 20
    curated by Dennis Guerra & Fred Michiels
    Tamines, Belgium

    new work by abel ortiz-acosta and charles Ligocky
    Revenant Gallery San Antonio, texas

  • MACCA. Feria Internacional de arte contemporaneo

  • “Will go hunting”
    Del Rio, Texas